Your time・Nature・Magic of Singing
On The Footsteps of Our Fathers
“If we understood the world, we would realize that there is a logic of harmony underlying its manifold apparent dissonances.” — Jean Sibelius
The tradition of singing in nature, with nature, and to nature falls back hundreds of years in Finland. Humming, singing, and callings have been part of our daily life. Singing has been there to channel sadness and joy, to ease the demanding workload, and to bring comfort in the solitude. The songs have connected us to ourselves, into our society, and into nature. Singing has had an evolutionary role in maintaining the group's physical safety against predators and creating feelings of safety and psychological comfort between families. 
Nature singing - in Finnish Luontolaulu® - leads you to relax through hummings, tonings, and simple melodies. It opens your senses through listening and feeling and restores the connection to nature. You will be able to capture those experiences and take them with you to your everyday life. Luontolaulu brings nature to you every day.
Your Time
Your time, Oma Aika, is vital for us Finns. It’s downtime, solitude, silence, all combined. Oma Aika is a moment for rest when thoughts fly, and the mind wanders, a moment of a song. 
"You can only get to know yourself when you're alone with yourself," says my uncle. "I go into the woods," he continues, "to listen to the silence," "Maybe you, too, have to find out where your silence is." — Ruhe bitte, Das Magazin
Luontolaulu dives deep into the quiet, empowering sounds, into the natural acoustics, to lullabies and whispering trees, to the song of nature.
Forest Sound Walk
An ideal trail for Forest Sound Walk lies in a quiet, naturally beautiful environment. The walk starts with a small uphill path and leads the walker to a forest area that contains natural water areas and gently running streams.
We stop now and then for simple exercises; the three main principles of Luontolaulu are Tuning, Humming, and Calling.
We tune in to the scents, sounds, textures, tastes, and sights of nature by sensing, breathing, feeling, and touching.
We caress the body and the mind through simple hums and melodies.
We enhance the inner voice with the sounds and natural acoustics of the forest.
Magic of Singing
Luontolaulu is an extension to breathing. It only requires this moment.
To be present.
To hear.
To breathe.
To let the voice ring.
To feel the song resonating in the body and in the nature.
Luontolaulu® is a registered trademark owned by SoundByNature Oy.
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